In recent years, worried about the depression period in the political ferment,
collapse of financial institutions, and the economic aspect is prolonged in the
United States, European nationsin and the advanced countries.
Japan is placed in the same situation as well as other advanced countries.
In addition, the academic level that existed in the high rank on an educational
side after 2005 begins to descend across the board, too.

On the other hand, making inroads into the high rank is countries that are
smaller than Japan in the sphere of Asia. Hong Kong is the 1st place in the IMD
global competitiveness ranking 2011. Moreover, Hong Kong is evaluated high even
by the potential rate of growth by which the growth rate was foreseen for 10 years
in the future.
It is said that the thing that becomes a centerpiece by not only China but also
beginning the possession of each country of Asia including Hong Kong of big
influence in the economic aspect, and the side of politics sooner or later is clear.
It is a coming of "Asian age". The key to the rapid growth of the each country of
Asia is "Internationalization". The system to strengthen the national policy
concerning the education further even if talent from foreign countries advanced
from current "Global standard" by one step further is accepted, flexible national
administration and economy with the speed of the area of the sense of values that
coexists in multinational multiracial and the taken speed develop, and it becomes
rich is taken, and the nation is fostering the national power that pulls
the next age.
The decline of the advanced country that has pulled the world up to now is thought
that to "Asian talented people" getting on become the power of children who live in
the next age in the flow by promptly taking the new sense of values that Japan also
matched as a member of same "Asian nations" in a new age at the period.

Purity Kids has promoted the three main axis "Intellectual development" and
"Intellectual training education" to based on 'Anthropology education'.
However, we take the global sense of values that will be requested from the
society in the future seen from the social environment in recent years.
We want to improve a current promotion further, to take a new program
"Global communication", to change an educational system completely in 2012,
and to start a new start.

We have been guiding fostering the human nature based on the anthropology education. Develope receptivity, ability of expression that passes senses and the performance, extend ability to think independently through the word, While piling learning and the experience in the society.

【 Anthropology Education 】
We educate a human inside before it goes into the workforce by
"Education of human nature" that we have been valuing so far,
foundation as person who learns through feelings, idea, action,
and remark, etc. Cooperation learnt in "Coexistence and symbiosis",
become independent by "Establishment of the self from the pride".

【 Actor & Dramatic Education 】
Even children for whom the word is insufficient learn able to request
understanding to the other party, learn the expression and skills of
expression, and appeal enough for the self.
As a result, acquire the communications skill and the production skill
that appeals for the existence of the self in the competitive world.
And, to bring up excellent talent, we want to lead children's
understandings and ability to think to the motive and can the custom
of the deepen study in 【 intellectual training education 】.

■The fourth new education
  「Global Communication Education」is ...

Interpersonal relationship in the next age is not only difference
between age and sex but also nationality and race's differences.
That is, it is a will communication with people who have a different
background like the word, the custom, and the culture.

The zest for living can be mastered while learning such an element
in the future.

We introduce the new program, start a company in Singapore as an education center.
Singapore has gained support from all over the world, as a model district in which
the environment and the country where safety is high for children in a global
are given and makes efforts to the education.
5.18 million people live in the country of the area as much as Tokyo 23 district.
( As much as Fukuoka Prefecture. ) The system in the country is complete
even if there are a lot of races in small land, and it is high level of education and
environment that learns easily are best in the world. Global competitiveness (IMD)
1st place and gross domestic product (GDP) 2nd place in 2010. And, in international
scholastic attainment ranking, literacy of mathematical and scientific are 2nd place on
an educational side respectively.
Moreover, sending off 22 international students from Singapore (5 from Japan)to
Harvard University as world ranking NO1, in the same population as Fukuoka in 2010.
It is shown that the academic level is high.

The educational environment of Singapore is "Multinational and multi race"

It is based on the ground principle that these two points feel the base of
the community and the language for children by the body assuming that it is necessary.
Moreover, also the structure of the management nation in Singapore is connected,
to the understanding of the meaning and the necessity that the moral education from
the infant stage preserves discipline.

Japan still has the possibility to be able to leave for the next generation.
There are a lot of things that can still be boasted though it is limitless if
speek the crisis situation. Revival power in postwar days and national
characters at the earthquake receive high acclaim from the world.
Japan has lived in 【 modesty 】 virtuously.
Japanese 【 diligence 】 and 【 education 】 also have the part that remains
still deep-rooted.
However, have flexibility there, notice the situation of the current world,
deepen, accept and unite the exchange with various foreign countries.
We should make use of 【 intellect 】 and 【 ability 】 of Japan carefully ,
contributes for the world, think how it uses and it goes, and stand up.
Not only the presence but also wide sense of values, and have the mind
that coexists with everything.
Opt for preparedness just now, should not change for children's future?