We value “Anthropology education” in the promotion. Though the promotion and
the management of a lot of "Expressionist" have been done up to now, go through
one's life while judging by thinking independently and acting, are controll an
intellect, sense of values, and the most important human nature.
Raise that the experience of piling from the infant stage a lot creates. Kids
learns "Way of life" from the place of a lot of experiences given for the period
in the important infant stage, from Feelings, words, and the action of
surrounding people.
Involve as a member in the society, we bear how do it lead and how do it feel.
It is not only the skills remembered by shapes and by knowledge that has been
built up, but also feelings and sensibility felt by senses, express by voice,
body, and face, discover an answer by the feeling idea in mind for oneself.

It is thought that we want kids to acquire essential "Wisdom to live" as the

So, we have been valuing the “anthropology education”.

The globalization is sure to have infiltrated in the society in the
future that children bear.
We push on the human nature requested in the next generation and build
the base of the sociality.

in a global education, we stimulates from all angles based on anthropology education,
that fosters the most necessary human nature for children's growing up, becoming
independent in the society, coexisting with surroundings, and living.
Like intellectual training education = head, actor & dramatic and education = body,
global communication = new sensibility.

“Purity Kids” wish children who bear the future grow into such a person, even if
put on what kind of society and what environment, positive, clear by an own idea
and the action, make the companion, establish the new society not caught in common
We raise children who are able to take the overall balance, “mind, body and brain”
as person, bring up "abundant skills of expression, communications skill, and strong
spiritual aspect in which it keep calm"

In the lesson, the lecturer and the manager guides “How to catch it”, ”How to
originate” and “How of the line of vision from another”,advances it around
the curriculum of "Actor & dramatic education" and "Intellectual training
One by one. Support it while ascertain "Face and attitude and reaction".

Manager who has the experience and results for ten years or more takes charge
of guidance. Make the best use of the cultivated experience so far, grasp and
guide children while support the child who faces a weak, improving the expand
an individual ability of child.

■ Guidance point 1

Read the real intention from among the conversation with child in question.
See after that, the difference with last time, under session and after the lesson.

■ Guidance point 2

Make to think for oneself, and make the answer to be led for oneself.
Not teaching, but notices voluntarity, lead posture to face. There is only advice.
It is work of the manager to wait for changes that the child in question.

■ Guidance point 3

“Do not let it go” at times. We are opposite even if a companion is how old.