We have taken "CAREER EDUCATOIN"
to aim at "Practical lesson".

Clients are evaluating us higher about Indispensable basic ability,
example... basic greeting, propriety, manners and instruction
adequately to act, Flexible cooperation and sociality matched to situation,
achieve demanded expression, performances, act, and pose.
In addition, the inside cultivated by the curriculum of an integrated education
such as "B" and "C" "D" based on original "A" :. have
natural power of expression that the richness of the thing and receptivity
that can exceptionally consider it to voluntary energy and surroundings invents.

"Child part" receives the impression of precocious. but we are getting
a lot of requests and the repetition and the nominations by
"Obedient appearance who seems to be the kids"

■Evaluation of Prity Kids

Own improvement and the problem point, etc. become clear by practicing the coming
skill cultivated by the overall educational curriculum, and the sense of purpose
and the desire are improved by setting a new target.
And it connects with its giving arouse own growth and change. We have taken it
aiming at these "Piling up the experience".

In the scene that undertakes the evaluation of audition, the ability to
demonstrate and the ability to judge the situation are necessary.
And, positive "Self-improvement power" that tries to be made the best use of and
"retrying power" are requested as follows based
on the result.
“ Receive instruction and action ” can have to be taken as a basis on the site
of taking a picture. Moreover, controll own feelings, acquire "Cooperation "
in relations of the person each other, "Sociality" that can judge a surrounding
situation, "Communications skills" to be able to touch without scaring
with the person of the first meeting is necessary.

※In the site of the career education, it does in the rule that handles
 only a suitable matter as children's educational areas.

※It is an object lesson as the education to the last. The education
 has been taken while ascertaining the growth process and the
 necessity of individual children according to appropriate timing.